English and no idea about German? Come train BJJ in Heidelberg!

Welcome to Heidelberg and the local jiu jitsu community! Often times people come to our beloved city and look for a place to train. At our place in Heidelberg-Ziegelhausen you can just drop in and train with us for free. We follow an open door policy, so if you´re visiting the city we´ll be happy to have you at one of our training sessions.

We train:

Monday 6-7 nogi, 7-8:30 BJJ
Wednesday 7-8:30 BJJ
Friday 6-7:30 BJJ, open mat after training

If you didn´t bring a gi and belt to town, don´t worry, we have a few spare ones at our location. Yeah we know luggage is always an issue while travelling.

If you don´t have a car, you can reach the sports hall by bus (either #33 or #34 going to Steinbachhalle). We recommend taking the 34, it´s a little faster. When getting off the bus, you just walk 200m into the street on your right (Am Fürstenweiher). You´ll spot the big red building to your right easily. Just ring the bell where it says „Ringerraum“. We´ll open up for you and you´re ready to walk upstairs to find the door to the mats.

If you feel the need to say hi digitally before you show up, you can reach us via email at info@bs-mediendesign.de (my name is Ben, hi!). But it´s also totally acceptable to show up and come train.

There are only a few simple rules: be nice, smile, have fun and wear shoes off the mats when training or taking a break. We like to keep our place clean for everyone.

See you soon, oss!